Before continuing my autoimmune story, I want to speak to you about adrenal fatigue. You may have heard of adrenal fatigue and may have even dismissed it. Even if you ask most general medicine doctors about it, they will likely dismiss it — but functional medicine doctors won’t. In this episode, I’m going to explain what it is, how it affects people, and what the warning signs are that someone might be dealing with adrenal fatigue.

In this episode:

  • Why a lot of people dismiss adrenal fatigue
  • Where the adrenal glands are and what they do
  • Why and when adrenaline is released
  • Your HPA Axis
  • What adrenal depletion or dysfunction looks like
  • How your diet can cause inflammatory issues 
  • The cellular impact trauma can have on your body
  • Magnesium wasting
  • What you can do if you think you have adrenal issues
  • How your sleep hygiene can play a role in your adrenal levels
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