Cincinnati Strongman Prepares for Iceland

I'm proud to announce that FitFizz has collaborated with Guinness World Record holder, Sean McCarthy on a limited edition keychain. As this Cincinnati Strongman prepares to compete in Iceland, part of the sales will fund his trip. If you're not familiar with Sean, let...

The Struggle: Lacking Enough of the One Thing That Keeps Me Sane

It's no secret that when life spins out of control, we are typically lacking enough of whatever makes us feel calm or grounded. I realized in my early 20s that lifting gave me such an incomparable outlet for stress. It is unequivocally the one thing that keeps me...

What is Fit Fizz™ Anyway? Fitness Effervescence.

Fitness, strength and energy with purpose. Fit Fizz is here! I've imagined blogging for several years now but it wasn't until very late in 2015 that I actually felt like I had a worthwhile direction. It’s finally underway! Is my hair ok? Do I have broccoli in my...

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