I’m Kelly Wilson, the owner of Fit Fizz. My friends call me Kells and the internet also knows me as @Kinetic_Kel. I am a powerlifting, vibrant-color-loving, Sharpie-hoarding, burrito addict who is done apologizing for F-bombs (sorry Mom). However, I still use please and thank you like I’m trying reach a new personal record. 

Thanks to 20+ years of working in the fitness industry and a successful career in graphic design since 1999, I am combining those two passions to bring you Fit Fizz.

What is Fit Fizz?

You know the vivacious feeling you get when you crack open your favorite carbonated beverage? The feeling is enough to make you smile. Refreshment. Bubbles. Energy. Enjoyment. Satisfaction. Fizz! The effervescence that makes you say to yourself “Ahhh, yes. This is exactly what I needed!” Your day is instantly better. The fitness-centric products of Fit Fizz are dreamed up, hand-crafted and curated to give you that same feeling and more.  

Design and Branding Experience

I’ve always been art-oriented. Thankfully my parents nurtured creativity. I grew up in the itty-bitty, country town of Galva, Illinois with only 48 people in my graduating class. Ever since I can remember I’ve had very big dreams that combined art and city life. I obtained a BFA in graphic design in 1999 from Northern Illinois University. Some of my graphic design clients over the years have been Exercise TV, Special Olympics, Anheuser-Busch, Ford Motor Company, Lincoln Motor Company, Target, Sears, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes to name a few. There is probably a good chance that you’ve brought home a product that I’ve designed the packaging for.

Designing for products that are household names is cool, but it has always left something intrinsically unfulfilled. I need to design from my heart by making art for the fitness community. That is the audience I know the best.

Fitness Experience

Since 1994, I’ve been involved in teaching group fitness classes and/or personal training in some aspect or another. My largest class was nearly 150 students at one time where I taught choreography to other group fitness instructors from all over the midwest. I’ve taught sports conditioning classes to various sports teams at Northern Illinois University, and I’ve also been the student in classes taught by some of the top names in the group fitness industry by taking many continuing education classes over the years. I’ve held certifications in group fitness, personal training, Nike Athletic Total Conditioning (NATC), Step, Spinning, Zumba, and Urban Striptease. I’m currently an online trainer with Fit Gurus and will soon be offering training packages online and in my home studio. As of July 2016, I am now certified Behavior Change Specialist and working on courses that can help anyone learn to stick to their fitness goals. Be sure to sign up as a Fit Fizz Insider here if you want to be notified once those coaching options are available.

I was on my college dance team and I am also a veteran dancer for the world-famous Chicago Bulls, better known as the Luvabulls. What a blast and an honor! In 2012, I competed in my first and only bikini competition. It was a great experience, but I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. The workouts, dieting and following protocol was no problem but I didn’t like myself at that small size. Plus I terribly missed performing.

From there, my plan was to work harder than ever in the gym, put on muscle and compete in the fitness category. Wow, I really learned how hard it is to put on a significant amount of muscle mass. After a 15 months of trying to grow, I was getting impatient. I had always had friends who were powerlifters and been a spectator at powerlifting meets. Friends would say “you’re next”, in a joking but ever-so-serious tone. One day I decided to join them at training. I stepped into Jakked Hardcore Gym and basically never looked back. That was in early 2013. I’ve done several powerlifting meets since then and steadily become better. Most recently, on July 2, I qualified to compete at the Arnold in 2017, and you bet your booty I’m excited! I’ve learned more than I ever had all those years when I trained alone at a commercial gym thanks to an amazing coach, Byron Hicks and a very dedicated Jakked PowerCorps team.

Since becoming part of this powerlifting team and meeting countless other powerlifters — from beginners to world-record-setters — my passion for strength training has taken over my heart. Part of what I love about strength training is how it has made me a better person. I’m more driven, more fearless, and mentally stronger than I’ve ever been before. The feeling it gives me is the message I want to send to people who encounter my brand. Badassery doesn’t have to be mean or serious all the time. It can be whimsical, funny, edgy and sleek too.

Fit Fizz is for everyone. It’s not just for women and it’s not just for powerlifters. Embracing strength means many things. Send me an email to tell me what strength means to you or let’s connect on Twitter and Instagram (my personal pages are @Kinetic_Kel). Seriously! Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go stretch my hip flexors while you shop or send me that email at kelly@fitfizzstudio.com. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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