Psychological tricks?! Are you saying to yourself, “Uhh, hey, Kel, this sounds a little bit sketchy. What are you even talking about? How is that even healthy?” Okay. Fair enough. Do take this episode with a grain of salt, but also stay open-minded and take these ideas as a springboard for adjusting these ideas to fit into your own unique life in a way that works for YOU!

We all have some kind of health and fitness goals, right? Our level of commitment to those goals can be a bit of a roller coaster. That’s normal. When other parts of life start to feel a little bit out of control, health and fitness goals are usually the first to be neglected. There are a number of things you might encounter in life where fitness and nutrition fall to the wayside even though you don’t want it to be that way. But there’s this area in the middle where life is going to be hectic no matter what and you can’t neglect nutrition and fitness forever, so what kinds of tactics do you have in your back pocket to whip out on the days that are kinda rough.

Start making an tool kit in your mind for the things that will light a fire under your butt on the days when you’re mentally struggling to stay committed to your training plan, your running schedule, your meal plan, to prep your lunches for the week…or whatever it is that you’re working on in relation to fitness or nutrition.

In this episode, I’m sharing a personal story of how I stopped my bad habit of drinking 32 ounces of Diet Coke every day for a few years. What made it permanently effective? Listen and find out! I’m also sharing a handful of psychological tricks to help you stay on track. They won’t be right for everyone, but it will definitely give you something to think about, make you question what types of things keep you motivated and I might make you laugh a bit in the process.

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