Offal is a word for organ meats and while they have taken a back seat in modern day diets they do contain a plethora of healing properties and they are highly nutrient-dense. One big word of precaution though is that it’s pretty important to get them from a source that puts quality above all else in order to avoid toxins. You’ll want to be sure that the farm believes in pasture-raised, hormone-free animals.

Offal, bone broth, and collagen all deserve more credit than they currently get for how much good they can do for boosting your nutrient intake as well as reducing or reversing issues with digestion, joint issues, bone conditions, chronic illness, and autoimmune disease. These things are anti-inflammatory so it’s very likely that no matter what the state of your health is, your body will be very happy to use them to make you feel better on some level.

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• Grass-fed, hormone-free beef and other naturally-raised meats and wild fish, plus the same bone broth powder that I use here:
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