’ve been pondering this theory for probably at least a couple of years now and it seems to be true. I think that when a person feels unmotivated it’s a sign they’re doing things for the wrong reasons. Motivation is intrinsic —or at least it should be — when you’re doing something for the most genuine reasons. Notice that the next time you hear someone say they’re not motivated.

Think about the root word of motivation: Motive. Unmotivated is essentially having poor motives or without motives. Sure, motivation has its peaks and valleys, but when something is done for the right reasons, there shouldn’t be a need for an outside source. If you’re feeling unmotivated, it’s time for some serious introspection. Ask yourself why you’re feeling that way. Then ask why again after you get the first answer. And keep asking why. There is some kind of unmet need at play. If you can fulfill that unmet need, motivation (or lack of it) becomes a non-factor.

Willpower is also something that shouldn’t be the main factor at any point. In today’s episode, I explain why there’s really no place for willpower and why you should work to detach any drama or emotion from trying to achieve a goal.

Strategy beats willpower every time. If you have a solid strategy and you’re willing to be uncomfortable, willpower doesn’t even need to exist.

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