Today I’m focusing on one big, 4-way intersection that has to do with different eating styles. I’d love to know if you’ve heard of mindful eating and/or intuitive eating before or not. These two are quite popular but I don’t think they’ve quite made it to where they’re so popular that everyone has heard of them. If you *have* heard of mindful eating or intuitive eating, you’re not alone if they still seem pretty vague. That is exactly what I’m hoping to clear up today!

I want to give some clarity around mindful eating, intuitive eating, as well as how they differ from counting macros and how that differs from counting calories — plus how to know if any of them might be right for you or not.

If we were to take these four eating styles and list them from least rigid to most rigid, it would go like this:

· mindful eating
· intuitive eating
· calorie counting
· macro counting

It’s good to know a bit about how each one works in order to decide if one of them might be more helpful for you to either manage your relationship with food or get closer to your goals if you’re trying to change your body composition. Listen in to the whole episode to learn more and to hear all about my brand new MACRO COACHING!

Who is macro coaching for? It’s for anyone who wants to make a change in their body composition. What you’d get from me is completely personalized for you and your goals and preferences. I have a couple of options, which you can find on the coaching page of my website.

To give a brief rundown, you can choose JUST your personalized macro portion calculations. This is a personalized 18-page report (PDF) that includes:

· your personalized macros that I calculate after you give me some information
· how to ease into it
· how all of your fats, carbs, and protein are broken up
· it shows you another way to simplify macro counting by measuring portion sizes with your hand
· meal suggestions
· tips on how to eat and how to choose foods to meet your goals
· a whole page of protein sources
· a whole page on carb sources
· a whole page on fat sources
· a whole page on vegetable options
· what you can expect to lose/gain in terms of weight
· what the next steps are after you make some progress (The numbers need to be adjusted in accordance with how your body changes. You don’t just stay with the same macros forever.)
· there is a section that answers questions answers like “what if this happens?”, “what if that happens?” and “when do I make adjustments?”
· plus you’ll have access to me inside of the main FitFizz Facebook group for basic questions

This option does not include any email coaching or adjustments though.

For that, you can get the Macro Portion Calculations PLUS the 8-week coaching option which includes:
· 1-2 macro split adjustments if they’re needed
· weekly check-ins via email to see how it’s going and I can hear about your concerns and make suggestions if needed
· a different private Facebook group for proactive community support and to ask questions
· monthly live Q&A video chat for real-time answers

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