Micronutrients, which are more commonly called vitamins and minerals are all vital parts of health and nutrition. It can get pretty complicated though, and each person’s individual needs are different. Most vitamins and minerals work in tandem with another one. So if one is low, the other might be high, or if you’re deficient in one, another one won’t be as effective. That is one very good reason why it’s best for your health to vary the types of foods that you eat as greatly as possible—especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables because that is where we get phytonutrients and some potent micronutrients. Getting a whole lot of one micronutrient can disrupt the balance or absorption of another.

Here are some highlights discussed in this episode:
• Some common pair of nutrients that balance each other out
• One (only one) good reason to use a supplement rather than food
• fat-soluble vs. water-soluble vitamins
• 3 important things if you take vitamin D as a supplement
• minerals — what they are, how they work, why we need them
• the sad state of degraded soil in the United States
• facts on the harm that glyphosate has done to the quality of our soil in the USA
• reasons to buy grass-fed, pasture-raised, or wild-caught foods that you might not have considered before
• phytonutrients and fungi
• fungi movie: fantasticfungi.com
• myconutrients
• zoonutrients
• more reasons to order lab testing without a doctor

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