Herxheimer reactions are something that most people have experienced but they probably didn’t know it had a name. In short, it’s when the body is having sort of a cleansing crisis and certain symptoms get worse before they get better. Since each person’s chemical makeup is different, there is really no limit to what form a Herxheimer reaction will take but some of the most common types of Herxheimer reactions can show up as pain, headaches, fever, chills, hives, or rashes anywhere on the body.

Herxheimer reactions can be triggered by just about any food, ingredient, supplement or even certain types of medical care. These reactions happen mostly due to the fact that the body is already struggling (for some reason or another) to detoxify through its normal pathways. People who have autoimmune conditions will likely experience Herxheimer reactions frequently because their body is already some state of crisis and already struggling to excrete toxins normally.

Also in this episode:
• two of my goals to reach before 2019
• why regular doctors never mention Herxheimer reactions
• why I want you to know that Herxheimer reactions are a thing
• why having a liver and kidneys isn’t always enough to sufficiently detoxify the body
• type of Herxheimer reactions
• Herxheimer reactions vs. allergic reactions
• most common occurrences of Herxheimer reactions
• how detoxification of the body is related
• how it’s related to junk food and headaches
• why people with autoimmune conditions might experience Herxheimer reactions frequently

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