As I’ve been seeing lots of new people in the gym where I train, I’ve been taking notice of a lot of common dos and don’ts of the gym. I hope this will come in helpful for some of you because I know that a lot of people don’t reach their goals because they are not consistent, and a big part of consistency has to do with confidence.

I didn’t always have confidence in my body, or at the gym. Everyone starts somewhere. I used to not only be picked last for teams as a kid, but I was often not even picked at all. Today I’m sharing my experiences, my embarrassing start to getting acclimated to the lifting weights, and some tips if you’re afraid to venture into the weight room. 

Some highlights in this episode to help you feel more confident in the gym:
• People aren’t watching you as closely as you think they are
• Why everyone is bound to have their clumsy moments, even professionals
• Why hiring a trainer is best if you want to stay injury-free
• Basics about warming up and stretching
• Have a plan
• Wipe up your sweat; clean the equipment
• Dumbbell etiquette
• Put equipment away
• Use a locker; Don’t put your bags, purses, coats in the training area
• Properly asking for help
• A challenge for you to get out of your comfort zone!

Note: At 08:40 I accidentally said “Stairmaster” but I meant to say “treadmill”. 

If you accept this challenge, I’d love to hear about it! Tag @fitfizz on social media and show me what you’re trying that’s new each week that you’re proud of — even if you’re listening to this a year from now, I will be your cheerleader to help you celebrate those victories of trying new things at the gym!

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