Hello FitFizz friends! Please note that this episode was recorded roughly two months before COVID-19 had America sheltering in place. So if anything we say doesn’t quite sound aligned with how the world has changed as of April 2020, that is why.

It was such a pleasure to interview Tim Rucinski! Tim is mostly retired, but he is also a health coach, certified personal trainer and also a freelance writer. He’s made significant health and physique changes recently and now he’s helping others do the same. I wanted to ask Tim to be on the show to be a voice for the retired demographic and maybe change some mindsets about what’s possible no matter what your age is. Tim and I know each other from Twitter for many years and he’s taken the time to give me encouraging words in the past when I going through some rough emotional times. He has always had an uplifting vibe about him, but even more so now than ever before!

At age 63, Tim is a great example of how age is so much more irrelevant than most people make it out to be. For those of you listening, if you haven’t listened to episodes 34 and 35 please listen to those and you’ll hear how much I strongly feel that age is all about perception. I think that most people would probably agree with me that “retirement” age is not what it used to be. Listen to hear all about Tim’s positive outlook on age and what he does to stay lean, healthy and energized!

Here are some of the highlights from this interview:
• Tim’s recent weight loss journey and what led him to change his lifestyle in his 60s
• What he did to avoid going on cholesterol medication
• Dealing with a torn rotator cuff, surgery, gaining weight, then meeting a health coach who helped him with a fresh start
• The value that Tim found in looking at food in a new way
• The value that Tim found in working with a personal trainer
• Cooking for fun while prioritizing sensible nutrition
• Learning to smarter habits that align with healthy goals
• The importance of taking before/after photos and body measurements, especially if it makes you uncomfortable
• Mindset and belief in yourself
…and lots more!

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Until next time, breathe, stay strong and always celebrate victory!

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