Note to listeners: Shortly after the 10-minute mark, as I was speaking about calcium supplements, I accidentally said “grams” rather than “milligrams”. I definitely meant to say milligrams!

Happy new year! There is no other time of year that you should be more cautious about gimmicks with fitness and nutrition than this time of year. Lately, I feel like every time I look at social media there is some kind of misinformation about weight loss or nutrition and one of the things that are driving me bonkers is anything that says “detox”.

A “detox” is NOT cutting junk food out of your daily habits. That’s not a detox! That’s called eating normally. I can imagine someone saying “well, Kelly, that’s just what I call it”. If so, then you might as well call a car a shoe too, if words are that meaningless to you. It’s pretty ignorant to just decide that’s what you want to call something when in fact it is completely inaccurate to call it that. Please don’t be that person who is saying “I’m detoxing this week” when what you really mean is increasing nutrient-dense foods, cutting out excess sugar, refined carbs and maybe alcohol, and increasing your vegetable intake. That’s not a detox.

Doing some kind of 7-day smoothie challenge is not a detox either. I don’t care what kind of “detoxing” ingredients the person is putting into it. It’s not any kind of detox so it’s inaccurate to call it that, no matter how you slice it.

I’ve also mentioned this one before and it’s more of the focus of today’s episode. I’ve probably seen references to this at least 15 times in the last week saying “detoxes” aren’t needed because we have a liver and kidneys. That is an oversimplification. I’m going to explain why. That statement that “we don’t need any kind of detoxification help because we have a liver and kidneys” would be accurate IF…

· you didn’t eat processed foods
· you never took antibiotics
· you never took any sort of prescription medication
· you live where there’s no air pollution or water pollution
· you’ve lived a life with no exposure to heavy metals or environmental toxins like plastics, BPAs, BPS, phthalates, xenoestrogens, etc

I also want to make it clear that by saying the above, I’m NOT saying that since we’re all exposed to these things that we need some kind of detox. What I am saying is that we — as humans — rather than falling for some detox bandwagon gimmick, there are things you can do to help support the regular everyday detoxification pathways of your liver and kidneys so that they are not overloaded. So that they are able to function normally and efficiently take care of detoxifying effectively on their own by taking care of your health in ways that impact their ability to do their job. This isn’t so much about “how to do a detox” but it’s more about how to keep your organs doing their jobs to detoxify properly in the first place.

The truth of the matter is that we do live in a world where most people by the time they hit their 40s or 50s (or maybe even sooner than that) have been exposed to enough unnatural, synthetic, chemical junk over the years (that our ancestors were never exposed to) that the liver and kidneys are probably functioning sub-optimally and we don’t even know it.

Also discussed in this episode:
· reasons why my own kidneys were under-functioning and the red flags that were overlooked because I wasn’t seeing a functional medicine doctor.
· basic functions of the kidneys
· the difference between drinking water and hydration
· why you can drink lots of water and still be dehydrated
· minerals and kidney function
· precautions with calcium supplementation
· dangers of calcification of soft tissues in the body
· how stress and hormones relate to kidney function and proper detoxification
· blood sugar and how it relates to detoxification

I didn’t have enough time to get through all of what I had planned to say so but to hear the rest, support the show on and it will be available to the $5 and up levels. The continuation of this will include:

· signs of impaired kidney filtration
· detoxification and kidney stones
· the different types of kidneys stones
· how sodium and potassium are related to the body’s ability to detox properly
· the prescription drugs that make the kidneys and liver most vulnerable to under-functioning.

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