Telomeres are a key part of our DNA and chromosomes that are related to how we visibly show age. This is a relatively new science that’s just starting to gain more traction, but in today’s episode, I’m sharing an explanation of telomeres and how they work. This is a continuation of last week’s episode, which was part 1, so please listen to that if you haven’t already.

Also in today’s episode:
• Things that affect telomere length
• What is telomerase?
• What is ZBTB48?
• Telomere shortening and re-lengthening
• Forgetfulness and “mommy brain”
• Why no one should ever have to experience the dreaded, typical menopausal symptoms
• Firing your doctor if they tell you something happens as part of “getting old”
• What is inflammaging?
• Destructive viewpoints around age and aging and why we need to stop it
• A fun challenge to share on social media — be sure to tag @fitfizz!


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