I thought it was time for a show that’s not so cerebral or scientific so today’s show is on the lighter side but it will also give you some things to think about. If you’ve listened to me for any length of time you can probably notice a bit of a running theme that I tend to have a thing with semantics — or the meaning of words.

Sometimes semantics are pointless or petty, but if we say words without giving them thought, those words might unintentionally carry meaning for someone else, and words have the power to create feelings, feelings create thoughts, thoughts create actions, and actions create our habits and relationships so semantics can matter.

As Gary Vaynerchuck frequently says “marketing ruins everything”. He’s totally right. That phrase has really stuck with me because of being a graphic designer, which essentially falls under the umbrella of marketing, as much as I hate to admit it. And I hate admitting that because marketing is really all about deception, and consumerism.

But here I am. A woman with a business, that I have to market if I want it to be successful. I CONSTANTLY find myself in a mental battle with things like SEO and marketing jargon because I loathe conforming to the way it has to be done in order to be found search engines or social media.

Listen to the show for my explanation about why we should toss all of these buzzwords into the nearest dumpster: (I’m putting them in quotes because I’m THAT uncomfortable saying these words myself. Other people say them, hence the quotation marks.)

1. “In shape”
2. “Skinny”
3. “Clean” (as in clean eating)
4. “Good food” and “bad food”
5. “Natural”
6. “Superfood”
7. “Fat-free”
8. “Sugar-free”
9. “Sodium-free”
10. “Non-GMO”

Post-show addition: “TONING” should have been part of this list! There is no such thing as “toning” in reference to the way the body looks. There is fat. There is muscle. You can burn fat. You can build muscle. When most people say “toning”, I think they typically mean build muscle, but it’s such a pointless word. Say muscle. Say it. I promise you’ll sound smarter and be more accurate.

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