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Is adrenal fatigue real? Some doctors say it’s not. Today I’m explaining why that is.
In episode 9 I talked about adrenal fatigue and I’m long overdue for a continuation of that plus a lot more
If you don’t have adrenal fatigue or don’t think it applies to you, here’s why I want you to keep listening: many topics that I cover are precursors to autoimmune conditions that can be avoided or reversed without medical interventions. Roughly 1 in 4 people are living with 1 or more autoimmune conditions right now. That’s a lot. And it’s prevalency is only going to increase because a lot of these things stem from chronic stress, lack of quality sleep, unaddressed trauma, and poor nutrition. So if you care about more than 3 people on this planet, it’s important to have awareness of these things because it can empower you to be able to see red flags of disease in those that you care about. 
Let me confirm from my experience — when I was in it, I couldn’t see it for myself because I was too deep in the symptoms to see clearly. If you have these types of issues happening in your life, you certainly aren’t going to have the luxury of caring about superficial things like how much you can deadlift, having a smaller waist, or having triceps that don’t jiggle…and that’s why I want to educate on red flags of disease here on the FitFizz podcast!
Some of the things you’ll learn in today’s episode: 
• Why functional medicine doctors acknowledge adrenal fatigue but other doctors don’t
• Basics of adrenal fatigue
• What adrenaline allows us to do
• Breaking down the term adrenal fatigue and why semantics makes people dismiss its existence
• Medical gaslighting 
• Other terms that are similar — but not equal to — adrenal fatigue

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I’m Kelly Wilson, owner of and I’m a personal trainer, nutrition coach, behavior change specialist, autoimmune disease educator and I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years.

I’m here to help you ditch the gimmicks, finding strength through your struggles, give you the knowledge for making the smartest choices for your own health and to remind you to celebrate victory all along the way. 


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Ep. 72: Why Some Doctors Say That Adrenal Fatigue Isn\'t Real