Emotional eating. Stress eating. It affects everyone at some point in life. Some more than others. I’m here to tell you it’s also natural. Today we’re talking about when how emotional eating can become a concern and that is when the mental aspect is an issue. Emotional eating on its own is not “bad”, but what can be not-so-healthy is the mindset. I’ll explain all that and more in this episode.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:
• The privilege of having access to snacks, groceries and food delivery
• Why it’s not okay to comment on anyone’s change in body size and the one time when it is okay
• Why emotional eating itself is natural and not a bad thing
• When emotional eating becomes problematic and what to do about it
• How habits like emotional eating are developed over time
• Associating emotions with food
• How the primitive brain plays a role in emotional eating
• The difference between harmless emotional eating and a self-destructive mindset
• How emotional eating is all about fear, pain, control, and comfort
• How to plan for change if emotional eating bothers you

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Ep. 63: Emotional Eating