Hello, my FitFizz friends! How are you doing lately considering the drastic shift in the state of the world? It feels pretty surreal, huh?

Today I’m not directly talking about COVID-19 but I’m talking about the impact that I’ve seen it have on regular lives and hopefully a bit of a new perspective if you’ve found yourself frustrated in any way with this shift. I see a lot of pointless judgments going on in regards to fitness goals, and gyms not being open, etc. These judgments are one-sided in their opinions on the effectiveness of home workouts and I realized the voices that were not part of this picture are the people who are really trying to achieve something in their fitness journey and how they’re struggling. So I decided to do this episode and I think you’ll find it worthwhile.

Highlights in this episode:
• Two sides of a big argument that I’m seeing and how I see validation on both sides
• Deciding what’s best for you and your goals during this time
• The overlooked side of immune-boosting supplements
• Deciding if the inflammation from junk food is a good choice or not if you’re concerned with boosting your immune system
• Cytokine storms
• Sleep and adrenaline
• Your outlook on home workouts
• Why nobody is “too strong” for a home workout to be effective
• Choosing your home workout with your goals in mind
• Calming mental chaos
• A time for contraction vs. expansion

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That is all for today, my friends. Until next time…breathe deeply, stay strong and always celebrate victory!

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Ep. 59: The Stay Home Mindset Survival Kit for Workouts & Nutrition