If you feel extra stress from these last few weeks of the year due to shopping, crowds, social gatherings, late nights, huge meals, traveling, having house guests or having to plan parties — that stress isn’t just your body and mind feeling frazzled — it goes much deeper than that. The truth is, that feeling is your hormones screaming out for help. They’re aware that you’re in some state of “crisis mode”. So when the stress has been prolonged to several days or weeks, and it’s affecting your mood… again, that’s hormones. Stress goes up, cortisol goes up and the rest of your hormones are sensing something is off. A chain reaction is set off to your other hormones like insulin, melatonin, adrenaline, serotonin, and vitamin D, and all of these things can make your energy plummet if you’re not proactively trying to prevent it.

Other highlights in this episode:
· how hunger hormones play a role in stress
· the importance of B-12, folate, and magnesium
· using magnesium as a supplement
· how protein can stabilize your mood
· why using sugar for energy isn’t the best idea
· adrenal-supporting tea
· setting boundaries
· self-kindness and inflammation
· how to choose between sleep and gym time if you can only choose one

Rest, boundaries and nutrients can be your superpowers for any time that life gets extra busy.

Please note that this is the last episode of 2019! I’ll be back on New Year’s day with a brand new episode. I’ve been working on lining up a variety of interesting guests that I’ll be interviewing on the show in early 2020.

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Until next time, in 2020, I hope you finish the year strong, keep breathing and always celebrate victory!

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Ep. 49: Tips To Feel Calmer This Holiday Season