The topic of aging is something that I have some strong opinions about and they’re a little bit different than the things I see on social media all of the time. It is my hope that I can open your eyes to see aging for what it truly is and how aging is unfairly blamed for times when our health takes a slow stroll into weight gain or a nosedive into disease.

Metabolism, weight gain, achy joints are not about aging. At all. I had so much to share with you that I’m once again breaking this into two episodes. next week will be more science-based while today is mostly about mindset around aging.

Also in today’s episode:
• why your language and things you say about “getting old” matter
• how I’ve been raised to have a good mindset around aging
• an Instagram post where this episode originated
• why I think that wanting to fit into your high school jeans is silly
• the superpowers you gain throughout life
• why you shouldn’t blame “getting old” if you are more tired than you used to be
• why wanting to go to bed early has nothing to do with “getting old”
• the toxic burden that our bodies accumulate over time
• what are telomeres?
…and more

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EP 34: Aging, Telomeres and the Perception of Getting Old, Part 1