Training, getting any type of exercise and doing cardio while dealing with an autoimmune disease can have unique challenges. What concerns me most about this is that even with all of my exposure to autoimmune experts who I have learned from, I don’t think this is being talked about at all. If you are a personal trainer, I also have some important pearls of wisdom for you today.

Some points discussed in this episode:
• things I’ve experienced with my heart rate while easing back into strength training
• why there needs to be more awareness around possible limitations for people training with autoimmune diseases
• what is a “spoonie”?
• why a go-hard-or-go-home mentality isn’t good for people with chronic health issues (it’s more serious than what you might guess)
• why I would never recommend prolonged (LISS) cardio for anyone with autoimmune issues.
• …and lots more.

Video mentioned in this episode for more info on heart rate monitors:

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EP. 33: Strength Training, Cardio, and Heart Rate Precautions with Autoimmune Disease