In part 1 (of 2) on mistakes that destroy body confidence, I talk a little bit about how I think that men’s body confidence issues are a bit overlooked and my plans to discuss that on future shows. I also talk about why I feel strongly about FitFizz being for men, trans men, non-binary people — as well as women — during this time that so many small businesses are focused on women only. Body confidence is something that any human can struggle with. I don’t have a magic solution, but I have quite a few suggestions and things to consider.

Mistake 1: Having an all-or-nothing mentality:
• being real about what fits into your life
• saying no to losing weight for a specific event
• ways that you might talk yourself out of going to the gym

Mistake 2: Asking “Does this make me look fat?” and other similar questions
• why it’s a lose-lose scenario
• my own insecurities
• what you can do if insecurity is nudging you to ask that question out loud

I also discuss some of my thoughts on the body-positivity movement and more!

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EP. 31: 5 Mistakes That Destroy Body Confidence, Part 1