Has anyone ever said to you, “you need to meditate” or maybe you know that you should, and that’s good for you, but you’re just way too stressed out to try to find the time? If so, then this episode is for YOU!

I used to be that way too, so today I’m going to explain how I came to give mediation a chance and how I finally figured out that doesn’t necessarily have to be what I thought it was every time someone would unhelpfully say “you need to meditate”.

I’m here to be that friend and voice of reason that I wish I had, every time someone would suggest meditation to me but life already felt too overwhelming to start something that I was a stranger to. Life can feel like it’s dragging you by the toenails sometimes. Many people who are told by others that they should meditate have what’s commonly called a Type A personality. I can relate — sort of. I call myself a Reluctant Type A.

Find out more about that in this episode and how to broaden your sense of what meditation is and what meditative practices are. You might be doing them already without even realizing it. There are many types of meditative practices that can fit any hectic life or personality type.

Also in this episode:
• Learn about your “monkey mind” and how to befriend it
• Ideas for new ways to incorporate meditative practices
• Learn what mindfulness is
• Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy meditative practices


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EP. 29: Meditation & Mindfulness for People Who Don’t Meditate