I wasn’t born loving vegetables. I’m not proud of it, but at a certain point, I realized I had to eat and learn to like them. In today’s show, I’ll tell you about how I went about that even though I started off having quite an aversion to them, even as an adult.

Did you know there is a gene called TAS2R38 which determines if you are sensitive to bitter foods (most vegetables) or not? Listen to find out the difference between “tasters” and “non-tasters” in regards to this genetic variant.

I’ll also talk about EZ Water, or H3O2, which is the type of water we get from eating plants and vegetables and why it’s an important part of hydration.

The most important factor in the foods we like or dislike — and the only factor we can control — is what we’re conditioned to like and our mindset.

I hope you’ll learn something new today and maybe even have a newfound motivation to eat more vegetables or learn to like them as I did!


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EP 19: Don’t Like Vegetables? Is It Genetic?