What does inflammation look like and what does it really mean? What’s all this buzz about leaky gut? Today I’m going to break it down for you just like a properly working digestive system breaks down food!

Leaky gut — or intestinal permeability — is lurking in the intestines of far more people than you may realize. If you find yourself running to the bathroom soon after you eat or your skin breaking out in dry patches or splotches, that could also be a sign. I’ll give you a simple explanation of the microscopic damage that’s happening if you ignore the symptoms and I’ll even tell you a sign to look for in the toilet to tell if your body might be improperly digesting protein or fats.

It’s important to know the symptoms of leaky gut due to food sensitivities in order to prevent worse health issues like autoimmune disease or cancer. I’ll explain all of that and more in this episode.

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FitFizz Podcast Episode 13: What is Inflammation? What is Leaky Gut? Today I\'m breaking it down for you like a digestive system breaks down food!