Coming out of Thanksgiving we are now in the heart of the holiday season, also known as the season of food. In order to bring more light to a little-discussed topic, I am dedicating this episode to goal shaming, specifically goal shaming around food & diets.  


If you avoid telling others about your goals you might be goal-shaming yourself.Click To Tweet

In this episode:

  • What goal shaming can sound like
  • How to verbalize your boundaries and stand up for yourself
  • Preparing for the next time you are goal shamed
  • Why laughing it off is NOT the right thing to do
  • What it looks like to goal shame yourself
  • What to say when you are feeling goal shamed
  • Utilizing a friend to be on your team when standing up to goal shamers
  • The intents behind some goal shamers

Could you be suffering from goal shaming? Or even be goal shaming others yourself? Listen to this episode to clearly understand the side effects of goal shaming, and how big an impact it can have on someone’s self-esteem and personal goals.

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FitFizz Podcast Episode 8: Goal Shaming. Don't let anyone steal your joy or your goals!