In this episode, I’m sharing the first part of my story surrounding autoimmune disease and how it all happened to her. I’m grateful for all that I’ve learned. Now I can share it to help others understand the issues around autoimmune diseases. I want you to be able to notice red flags of autoimmune symptoms that I didn’t see until it was too late. Listen to learn about the red flags and how they were hidden clues to her autoimmune issues. I was told I had a sleep disorder but that was an incorrect diagnosis. 


I was told I had a sleep disorder but that was a lie. It was also a red flag of autoimmune disease creeping up on me but I had no idea back then. Learn the signs before it’s too late. Click To Tweet

In this episode:

  • Being diagnosed with hypothyroidism
  • Stress and anxiety issues that contributed to her symptoms
  • How I was medically gaslighted when I was told I was “normal”
  • Chronic exhaustion that led to an incorrect diagnosis of  Idiopathic Hypersomnia
  • The discovery of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and my symptoms
  • How slowly autoimmune diseases can infiltrate your life without you noticing

Autoimmune diseases can all have very similar symptoms. My goal is to create awareness of the red flags that appeared in my life that I didn’t notice right away.  Do any of symptoms sound familiar to you?

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Podcast Episode 7: Autoimmune Disease: My Story, Part 1. Learn all about the red flags that I didn't know were there until it was too late.