Welcome to the third episode of the FitFizz Podcast! 

There is a lot of misinformation out in the world today. In this episode, I answer a few of the most popular questions that I’ve been asked over the years. Tune in so we can set some of these myths straight.

How much water should you drink? How can you stop your arms from jiggling? Which running shoes are best? Find out in this week's podcast episode!Click To Tweet


In this episode:

  • How much water should you drink?
  • The tricks and tips for loosely measure your hydration
  • How do I tighten up my arms?
  • Are carbs bad?
  • Should you stop eating at a certain time of the day?
  • What are the best shoes to lift or run in?
  • Learning to exercise properly with bad knees
  • The good and the bad of multi-vitamins

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Podcast Episode 3, Fitness Myths and Common Health Questions. Are carbs bad? Which running shoes are best? How much water should I drink? Find out all of the answers and more on this episode of the FitFizz Podcast. #fitness #water #carbs #health #fitfizz