Welcome to episode 1 of FitFizz! FitFizz is a podcast hosted by Kelly Wilson, a personal trainer, nutrition coach and autoimmune disease fighter with 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. In this episode, Kelly talks about what creates real health, how to find strength through your struggles, and how to celebrate victory all along the way. Listen as Kelly takes us through her journey from hating her high school PE class, to being an aerobics instructor at her college, dancing or the Chicago Luvabulls, being a competitive bodybuilder and competitive powerlifter.  

After the stress of being laid off from her graphic design job caused the symptoms from her hypothyroid issue to magnify, Kelly began to put a lot more focus on FitFizz.

Rather than saying life is about balance, I think it's more about accepting your own form of imbalance and rocking it!Click To Tweet


In this episode Kelly talks about:

• Her path to FitFizz and how she got into lifting

• The mystery surrounding work-life balance

• How to accept what your life’s imbalance is going to be

• Kelly’s best advice for planning on days when you can’t put in 100%

• Using a reward system AFTER you reach your goals

Be sure to listen to the next FitFizz episode where Kelly will discuss Sugar Monsters, Teal Pumpkins, and Energy Vampires.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Gifts to help you celebrate victory: https://www.etsy.com/shop/fitfizz

Get a free meal portioning guide: bit.ly/fitfizzportionguide


Podcast Episode 1: Balance is a Unicorn. Balancing life is a mythological creature. Here are some of my best tips for days when you can\'t give 100%.