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Habit-based nutrition & lifestyle coaching

Videos used with permission from Precision Nutrition
You’re smart. You’re busy. You know the difference between foods that are nutrient-packed and foods that aren’t. You turn to your comfort foods when life gets extra chaotic. You have every intention to meal plan but who has time? Seriously, I get it. We’re stressed and crave simplification. I’m sure you already realize that changing your habits is all that stands in the way of changing your body and changing your overall health for the better. But it’s hard, right? That’s why I’ve created Fruition Nutrition. If accountability is the biggest issue that has kept you from reaching your goals in the past, Fruition Nutrition might be the winning path for you.

Imagine what it would be like to have someone to guide you every step of the way to finally make those changes. It’s finally here.

And guess what — if you’ve got emotions when it comes to stuff like this, bring those too. Oh, yes. They’re invited. So are those stories you tell yourself. You know what I’m talking about. The stories that sound like…

Imagine if you were able to get more honest with yourself than ever before and smiling more because of it. Changing your eating habits, your body composition or your complicated relationship with food won’t happen overnight, but it truly doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.

No gimmicks.

No deprivation.

No counting calories.

No counting macros.

Here’s what you can expect with Fruition Nutrition Coaching

Body Confidence

Change your body composition. Learn to ditch destructive terms like “lose weight”. Learn why body composition is more accurate and more effective in getting to be happier with what you see in the mirror.

Freedom From diet plans

I’m not going to hand you a rigid, restrictive diet plan that’s full of rules. Nope. Together we’ll make incremental, sustainable improvements based on foods you like. Life is too short to never have nachos.

Small Changes. Winning Habits.

We’ll use your big goals to structure small, strategic daily practices. Ultimate body transformation is within reach. You’ll develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime and well celebrate along the way.

Mindset Strategies

If you’ve ever felt frustrated when it comes to food, it can be a thing of the past. I’ll give you tools for a, empowering fresh start. Life can be overwhelming but eating healthier, smarter and better doesn’t have to be.

Accommodating Your Busy Life

Work, kids, families, friends, cookouts, parties, holidays, sickness — OH MY!  Life doesn’t stop so the best time to start is now. Fruition Nutrition specializes in finding a way that fits into your real, everyday life.

Backed By Science

No gimmicks allowed. Powered by Precision Nutrition coaching methods that have been proven with over 100,000 successful clients to date. As a PN Coach, I’ll educate you on the latest in nutrition and exercise research.

Owners Manual

Have you ever wished that life came with one? Now you’ll get to develop your very own! It becomes more comprehensive as you go and it’s yours to keep for future guidance.

Guidance and Support

I’m here to give you accountability, direction, support and confidentiality. Think of me as your personal cheerleader. No matter what life throws at you we can get through it.

Workout for Home or Gym

If you choose to add workouts, you’ll love how easy it is to adjust each day’s plan to fit the space, equipment or time that you have available. It really doesn’t get any simpler!

Imagine skyrocketing how empowered you feel in your own skin.

Imagine staying that way for good.

See exactly how it works.

Fruition Nutrition is powered by ProCoach software from Precision Nutrition. Every day, through the online coaching platform, you’ll get a lesson, a workout, and a habit to practice. You’ll get regular feedback from me, Coach Kelly, and you can reach out to me directly, anytime. Watch the video to see how the program works.

Yes, I coach men too!

ProCoach is built on 28 different base plans for both men and women. We’ll arrive at a highly personalized, adjustable program that was created just for you, once you input your goals, preferences, and details during the onboarding process. If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter plan full of broccoli and chicken day after day, this is not the right program for you.

Transform your body forever.

You tell us what you want to do. We’ll help you do it. First, your coach will learn about your lifestyle, needs, and specific goals. Then, over the course of the program, we’ll give you everything you need to look, feel, and perform better than you thought possible. Guaranteed. “I’m a whole new person. Precision Nutrition gave me all the tools and motivation to make it happen. I cannot stress enough how much it changes your life.” Lindsey, PN Coaching client

Proven strategies to help you get (and keep) the body you want.

You’ve probably tried multiple diet and workout programs in the past. And you’ve concluded that they simply don’t work in the long run. Instead of the all-or-nothing approach, we use sustainable practices to build healthy habits into your life, one day at a time. The result? You’ll lose the inches and changes to your physique. You’ll develop a better relationship with food. And you’ll say goodbye to dieting, food obsessions, and body anxieties for good.

Use the best nutrition and lifestyle coaching platform in the world.

I can confidently say that I learned how to coach from the best of the best. The team at Precision Nutrition is made up of the best nutritionists, strength coaches, counselors, researchers, and specialists in the field. They live and breathe this stuff every day and so do I. Whatever obstacles arise, I’ll help you overcome them by modifying your program or offering new solutions. I’m part nutritionist, part scientist, part caring friend. I’ve been through a lot of struggles in my lifetime so I’ll be able to relate to a lot of yours as well.

What’s Included?


50-minute intro session for talking about your goals, what you’ve tried that hasn’t worked, and I’ll answer any questions you might have.

Quickstart Guide

A personalized, 15-page PDF with an outline of your goals, meal portioning, shopping list, tips, what to expect and more.

Private Online Dashboard

Your entire program on an easy to use, online learning and tracking platform. It works seamlessly on desktop browsers, tablets and mobile devices

Complete and Monitored Progress TRacking

Data tracking is built right into your dashboard, allowing you to track measurements, weight, before/progress/after photos, etc. Coach Kelly will monitor your progress daily.

Facebook Group for Support

Having a sense of community has been proven to help people in sticking to their goals. You’ll be in the VIP Facebook group that’s only for members of this specialized coaching. You can connect with others who are going through the same process, support each other, and you’ll also get additional guidance and support from Coach Kelly in the group. I’ll give you all of my best resources, coupon codes, tips and advice.

Bi-Weekly Guided Habits

Throughout the course of the year, slowly learn a new healthy habit every two weeks to build a serious foundation to your new self.

Daily Lessons and Practices

Work on your habits every day with articles, videos, short audio clips and consistency tracking.

Helpful Infographics

Easy-to-read visual PDF guides to help you through your journey. They make concepts easy to understand.

1-on-1 Coaching Calls

Choose your plan depending on frequently you’d like 1-on-1 calls with Coach Kelly. These can be via video or phone. We’ll use it to review progress and cover what we can’t cover through messaging.


By being a Founding Member of Fruition Nutrition you get to help mold this into what is most beneficial to you. I want to hear from you. I’m all ears. Not only will you get discounts on my upcoming specialty programs on things like food sensitivities, autoimmune conditions, sleep hygiene, and how EMFs can affect your health, but I’ll prioritize upcoming content based on what you tell me you’d really like to see.

Limited Time

Founding Member Pricing
*These are 1-on-1 sessions. Your choice of video or phone call. All prices are in USD.


Add on daily workouts for only $16 per month.

($299 VALUE)


Created to fit your personal goals no matter what your starting point is. New or advanced, this is for you.


Each exercise has a narrated video available, giving you technique pointers, descriptions and variations for your level.


You can change location each day if needed. It automatically adjusts for the equipment you have available.

adjust length

If your schedule turns out to be more busy than usual, no problem. Select the quick workout option.

ADJUST intensity

Low on energy one day? Adjust on the fly from within the app. You can also increase the difficulty level.


Go for it! You’re free to add any other sport or activity to the app to account for your daily workout.

FitFizz T-shirt
($23 value)
FREE with the Game Changer and Life Changer Nutrition Plans only

Available in sizes XS through 4XL, these shirts are super soft,  keep their shape, and don’t fade. 100% ring-spun cotton. Bella + Canvas brand. I apply the design to each one myself. You can decide if you want yours right away, or if you prefer to wait until after your body starts to change since you’ll need a different size, you can do that too.

Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook
($39.99 value)
FREE with the Life Changer Nutrition Plan only

The brand new Gourmet Nutrition cookbook features over 120 spectacular recipes for a health-minded body. This beautiful soft-cover book has a full-page color photo for every recipe. Contains 100 recipes. Each recipe gives you full nutritional data, post-workout and anytime meal classifications, large and small serving sizes, meal plan templates, cooking strategies and tips, tools and equipment, grocery list, and food prep instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m vegan?
That’s fantastic. I’ll never push to eat anything that you’re uncomfortable with or anything that doesn’t fit your lifestyle preferences. I’m familiar with the vegan lifestyle, so don’t worry — I won’t ask the typical annoying questions either.
What if I decide this isn’t for me?
Give it try and if you decide it’s simply not for you, then you can cancel at the end of 30 days. There are some requirements though. You must put in a fair effort and do at least 80% of the modules. You are also free to cancel after 90 days. Please take the time to read all of the deals on cancelations here.
Do you have a program for Keto or Paleo?
Think of Fruition Nutrition as sort of an agnostic way of eating. It’s not attached to one specific diet plan or another. Keto and/or paleo can work with Fruition Nutrition in harmony. We will be discussing what other methods are about and precautions that a person should take, including the research that shows it’s best to get lab work done to determine if one of those will work optimally for you.
What if I have food allergies or sensitivities?
No problem! I totally get it. Not only do I have a lot of personal experience with several food sensitivities but I understand the emotional part that often goes along with it. The beauty of this program is that your food choices are up to you so don’t have to worry. I have lots of resources I can share including discounted pricing on labs and other things as well.
How much will the plans increase in price?
Due to the exceptionally high level of value in using these methods and the ProCoach platform, most coaches charge a base price of $199 per month and it goes up from there if you add workouts and 1-on-1 appointments. I’m not sure how much it will increase at this time, but most-likely the base price will be $129/month and the levels will go up from there.
How do I contact you if I have questions?
You can always email me at: kelly@fitfizzstudio.com or message me on my Facebook business page @FitFizz. Once you become a coaching client, you can also message me through the ProCoach platform.