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I’m proud to announce that FitFizz has collaborated with Guinness World Record holder, Sean McCarthy on a limited edition keychain. As this Cincinnati Strongman prepares to compete in Iceland, part of the sales will fund his trip. If you’re not familiar with Sean, let me introduce you.

Sean is Keeping a Legacy Alive

Cincinnati Strongman, Sean is proud of his city. It’s part of why he works so hard. Have you ever heard of Henry Holtgrewe? He was the first Strongman Legacy of Cincinnati. There is even a beautiful mural to commemorate him which is somewhat of a tourist attraction in Cincinnati. Holtgrewe accomplished impressive feats of strength in the late 1800s through the late 1900s. He also had an ongoing personal rivalry with the legendary Eugen Sandow.

Barbells, Brawls and a Monkey?

With a passion for strongman, Sean has kept Henry’s spirit alive by creating a name for himself as today’s Cincinnati Strongman. Both Henry and Sean have something else in common — The Cincinnati Reds. In 1904, Holtgrewe once held the weight of 20 baseball players, a groundskeeper, a monkey and a few barbells on his back. The grand total for that feat at Redlands Field was 4,500 pounds. On July 31, 2015, Sean, set a Guinness World Record at the present-day Reds field by throwing a washing machine 15′ 19″!

In keeping the spirit of Holtgrewe alive, the significance of the washing machine has a story attached to it. Holtgrewe, a saloon owner, once threw a washing machine in order the break up a fight. Sean is steering clear of brawls though. He stays focused on his training for the upcoming competition in Iceland and hopes to inspire his kids to conquer goals that are larger than life.

@CincinnatiStrongman Sean McCarthy at Great American Ballpark
Cincinnati Strongman Guinness World Record
Sean McCarthy lifts Ronnie Coleman |Cincinnati Stronman

Historic Land of Strongman Giants and Giant Meals

To fans of the sport, there is an immediate connection between Iceland and strongman training. Many legends of strongman have called Iceland home. Names like Magnus Ver Magnusson, Jon Pall Sigmarsson, Jakabol Gym and even a movie Nest of Giants keep the raw heartbeat of strength competitions beating in Iceland.

On a diet that is unfathomable to some, Sean told me he eats around nine pounds of food a day. NINE. Think of that in terms of ground beef (or seitan for the vegans) if you buy it by the pound. Now picture nine of those. In a day. *gulp* Of course, that’s not all he eats to stay fueled but whole-food protein is a top priority.

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A Keychain of Champions

With his fuel and his commitment to the sport, Sean will be traveling to Iceland in June to compete. Both Sean and his wife Ashley, have been great customers and supporters of FitFizz ever since I first began. As I try to make my own dreams come true, their genuine support means a lot to me. Since I’m still such a small business and saw my share of personal setbacks of the last few months, I am really grateful for the way this opportunity developed to help support Sean.

Vikings have somewhat become an icon of strongman, so we both thought the Viking helmet and the charm that says “weakness is a choice” were a perfect fit. Every purchase will include a donation to help fund Sean’s Iceland competition. You can buy one from my shop here. Sean definitely plans to return home a champion.

Think of the motivational message you can send to someone by giving this as a gift. If you have a client, friend or training partner who has shown some real commitment to strength and proven themselves to have a champion mindset, this could be the perfect thoughtful gift to re-ignite their fire. Think of anyone who might have taught you all about learning to overcome weaknesses. With this keychain, you’ll be showing appreciation in a way that they can see every day when they grab their keys. Plus, the bonus is that Sean and I will also be grateful for the support! This Cincinnati Strongman keychain is a limited edition item. It is only available until May 31, 2017.

Sean will also be attempting to break the Steve Reeves deadlift world record at Cincinnati Reds Kids Opening Day on Saturday, April 15. If you’re in the area, I’m sure it would make for a fun day.

We’d all love to see where you take your keychains. Tag @FitFizz and @CincinnatiStrongman on Instagram! Hopefully, Sean will take some pictures of his in Iceland that I can share with everyone. We’d love it if you share this post with your friends too!

Lift big. Stay strong. Push on.